Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our new blog is now live!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are moving our blogs!

Thanks for visiting! We are in the process of moving our blogs to the Raleigh International website. Blogs from previous programmes will remain on Blogger as an archive, but to keep up to date with all the action you should bookmark the new ones so you can find them easily.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Goodnight and good luck

Today marks the end of 13 weeks for the Volunteer Managers of the first ever Raleigh Tanzania Expedition! Since the Venturers departed on Wednesday, the team has been working hard to wrap up important administration and logistics, as well as preparing the ground for the next expedition that starts in early June.

It has been an epic experience for the 21 Volunteer Managers who threw themselves into the unknown on a Raleigh expedition that has been full of highs and lows. They can be proud of their achievements in supporting the Venturers' personal development as well as forging the way ahead with project partnerships for all subsequent expeditions in this remarkable country. Tomorrow the team depart for Dar es Salaam to start their journey home, taking with them many new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

A special thank you or 'asante sana' to everyone who has been following the blog and posting comments over the past three months. Your support has been greatly appreciated by all here at Raleigh Tanzania. Kwa herini / goodbye for now!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Travel update on Venturers

This is an update for the family and friends to let them know that all Venturers have now left Raleigh Tanzania Expedition 13B. Host Country Venturers have started their journey home and International Venturers who are due to fly out today from Dar es Salaam airport have departed on time!

Raleigh Tanzania 13B team

The End...and the Beginning

All good things must come to an end and, after an amazing 10 weeks, Raleigh Tanzania Expedition 13B came to a close yesterday. Volunteer Managers and Venturers gathered with VIP guests that included a representative from the Morogoro District Commissioner's Office for the Closing Ceremony at WAMO conference and training centre in Morogoro. 

Expedition 13B Closing Ceremony at WAMO, Morogoro

Carolyn Henry, Country Programme Manager, hosted the ceremony that launched with speeches from two Venturers, a Host Country Venturer, Catherine Hance, and International Venturer, Rory McCorquodale, about their experiences over the expedition.

Catherine Hance, HCV, delivers her speech
Rory McCorquodale, International Venturer speaking at the ceremony

Their thoughtful accounts of the value that the expedition has brought to them was followed up by a moving speech from Jim Clements, Country Director. He spoke about how within five months Raleigh Tanzania had build up from nothing, finding a welcome home in Morogoro and creating excellent partnerships with local NGOs and organisations around the country. He also congratulated the volunteers for all their hard work and achievements over the expedition, and encouraged them to use this experience to make a difference when they return home.

Left: Jim Clements, Country Director. Right: Morogoro District Administrative Secretary

The District Administrative Secretary representing from the District Commissioner's Office in Morogoro gave a speech on behalf of the District Commissioner saying how welcome Raleigh Tanzania was in Morogoro and expressed his happiness that the expedition had been a success.

The ceremony ended with great cheers and rounds of applause. 

The Venturers left WAMO this morning to resume lives post-Raleigh! We will post a short blog post to let friends and family know when those that are flying home have reached the airport.